The Cottonwood
Crop, Tee and Tunic

The Cottonwood Crop, Tee, and Tunic may look like a basic shirt, but it has been designed to stay out of your way while you go about your day, whether you are out on an adventure or staying in.

Price is on a sliding scale, please pay what you can


The Cottonwood Crop, Tee & Tunic may look like a basic shirt, but it has been designed to stay out of your way while you go about your day, whether you are out on an adventure or staying in. My idea of the perfect shirt is one that you can put on and forget about. Have you ever had a boxy shirt that rides up on your booty or gives a view straight down your shirt when you bend over or lift your arms? This shirt is designed to avoid those issues. I hope this is your perfect shirt as well!

The neckline and sleeves are finished with bands. The Crop and Tee versions have a 1.5” hem and the curved hem of the Tunic version is finished with a facing. The Crop version is designed to hit right at the top of high-waisted pants, but you can use the lengthen/shorten lines to adjust as needed. The Tee version is hip length and the Tunic hits upper to mid-thigh, depending on your height.

This is a digital sewing pattern that will be delivered directly to your inbox. You will receive both size ranges in a print at home, large format, and A0 files and a digital pattern booklet in PDF format. 


The Cottonwood is drafted with proportional ease but graded with standard ease. What does that mean exactly? The base size (D and J) for each size range was drafted to have approximately 20% positive ease. Then, those base sizes were graded up and down the size range with a 2” increase between sizes. 

How does this affect the fit? This method ensures that the style is more consistent across the entire size range. However, this means that the three overlapping sizes F, G, and H are larger in the Moon size range than in the Canyon. Because of the “grown on” (rather than sewn on) sleeves, the sleeve length is mid-bicep in the Canyon size range and lower bicep to elbow length in the  Moon size range. 

If you fall into the three overlapping sizes, you can use the finished garment measurements to determine which size range you would prefer. If you identify as plus size, you will probably prefer the fit of the Moon size range. 

Sizing Charts


Most knit fabrics should be suitable for the Cottonwood. The fabric should have at least 10% stretch along the cross-grain. Cotton and linen knits will give a boxier fit, while rayon or bamboo knits will give a drapier fit. Not suitable for stripes (of course you can use them, but the stripes won’t match at the side seams). 

Yardage Requirements

Sizes A-E, 60” wide fabric

Crop: 1 yard
Tee: 1 yard
Tunic: 1.25 yards

All Sizes, 55” wide fabric or 

Sizes F-O 60” wide fabric

Crop: 1.5 yards
Tee: 1.75 yards
Tunic: 2.5 yards

Notions & Equipment

Matching thread
Ballpoint or stretch needle
Double needle (optional)

The Cottonwood can be completely sewn on your regular home sewing machine. Directions are also included for using a serger and coverstitch machine.



  1. Jewel neckline is low enough for comfort, high enough to keep you covered

  2. Mid bicep length sleeve for sun protection
  3. Drafted for a C cup in both size ranges
  4. Crop version is designed to hit at the waistband of high-waisted pants



  1. Sleeve opening is close fitting so it won’t gape, but easy to adjust for larger biceps. Check out our blog for a bicep adjustment demo.

  2. Roomy fit through the underarm for ventilation, no sweat stains here!
  3. Tee version is designed to be hip length



  1. Shaped side seams provide ample room for your hips and booty

  2. The tunic version has a curved hem, finished with a facing
  3. Tunic is designed be mid-thigh length